UnForkIt is a ProDOS 8 program that will convert extended (forked) files stored on a ProDOS volume, such as those created by GS/OS or classic Mac OS, into one or two standard files, allowing you to happily work with them in ProDOS 8.

It is of particular benefit to users of the IIe Card for Mac, because Mac OS will usually create extended files when copying to a ProDOS volume. It might also be helpful to ProDOS 8 users who want to read extended GS/OS files (such as Teach documents).

Download it in your preferred format:
140K disk image   800K disk image   ShrinkIt archive   Applesoft program listing

For the love of Woz, please first back up the disk you're unforking on. I think all the bugs are gone, but just in case, you know? Please let me know if you see any.

You can read more about extended files and what to do about them in the September 2014 issue of Juiced.GS.

This is version 1.2 of UnForkIt. My hope was for it to be version 2.0, rewritten in beautiful structured Applesoft with Slammerized machine language routines for speed and a great UI and swell new features. However, that project got into the weeds, and so what you have here is an update to version 0.1, originally released back yonder in 1994. It fixes a few bugs (including one horrendous one, sorry if it bit you) and adds a couple of minor features and refinements.

UnForkIt 1.2 has the following limitations/known issues: the path you're in can't exceed the ProDOS 8 maximum of 64 characters; you can only access the first 312 files of the directory you're in; the UI is slow and the code is ugly. Maybe one day I'll do something about these things. Maybe I won't. Maybe you should!


ProDOSTyper is a classic Mac OS application that will properly configure the file type of Mac files, before copying them to a ProDOS volume, to prevent them from written as extended (forked) files. It was created with Daniel Azuma's FileTyper. Just drag and drop the file you want onto the icon.

Download ProDOSTyper (in MacBinary format): ProDOSTyper

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