A2CLOUD: emulate an Apple II

Though the purpose of A2CLOUD is primarily to extend the functionality of your actual Apple II, there are also emulators provided in case you want a virtual Apple II. (If you’re using Apple II Pi, that’s in fact sort of the point.)

You’ll either need a screen attached to your Raspberry Pi, or remote desktop software.

For an emulated Apple IIgs, use GSport, a descendent of the KEGS emulator with significant enhancements by David Schmidt, David Schmenk, Peter Neubauer, Christopher Mason, and others. GSport’s features include Uthernet card emulation, AppleTalk networking, and ImageWriter and Epson printer emulation. Type gsport to if you are at the command prompt and want a full-screen experience, or double-click GSport on the Raspbian desktop. Press F4 for the configuration screen, and alt-F4 to exit. Usage instructions are on the GSport home page.

For a emulated Apple IIe, type linapple to run the LinApple emulator. It has some nifty features like built-in software downloading and a built-in help screen. More information is here.

You can also use GSport’s ancestor, KEGS, by choosing it from the menu of the Raspbian desktop. (To start the Raspbian desktop, type startx or use remote desktop software.) Usage instructions are here.

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