A2CLOUD: intro

Hello, and welcome to A2CLOUD! It provides any Apple II — even a IIc — with internet access, mass storage, and floppy disk transfer, via a Raspberry Pi, a tiny silent $35 computer. You can also use A2CLOUD with other Linux computers or virtual machines; click here for details.

This web page is the user guide; just read the posts in order. The table of contents is over on the right. You might want to start with the intro video below. (For other ways to use your Raspberry Pi with your Apple II, check out A2SERVER, and Apple II Pi, both part of Raspple II.)

5-May-15: A2CLOUD 1.8.1 is available, featuring compatibility with every Raspberry Pi including Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi 1 Model A+, and non-Pi users now get the GSport emulator. If you already have A2CLOUD installed, type a2cloud-update to update, or start over with the Raspple II easy installation method (or upgrade Raspple II with a2cloud-update os). The complete version history is here.


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