A2CLOUD: connect with other people

Once you’ve logged into your Pi — that could be from your Apple II using ProTERM or Z-Link or Spectrum, or with a directly attached keyboard and screen, or via SSH from another computer — you can start communicating on the internet.

Unless you’re using ProTERM or Spectrum on an Apple IIgs, remember to hold down solidApple when pressing the arrow keys when you’re using these programs.


IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

If you want to chat live with other Apple II people, all you need to do is type a2chat. It will launch an IRC program called Irssi and connect you directly to the #a2c.chat channel. (If you want to connect to other channels, instead type irssi.) Type /quit when you’re done. You might want to check out more detailed instructions for IRC generally or Irssi specifically.


Usenet newsgroups (discussion boards)

To access the Apple II discussion boards on Usenet (often referred to as comp.sys.apple2.*), type a2news and it will start the Tin newsreader. You will be subscribed to only the Apple II newsgroups by default; to access all the other ones, type Y (for “yank”) and subscribe to the ones you like. (If you have a preferred NNTP server you would like to use, you can set it by typing a2news -s your.server.address.)



You can indeed tweet from your Apple II, if you can believe it. Type ttytter and follow the instructions. For initial setup, you’ll need to sign in to your Twitter account from a web browser, which, if you don’t want to leave your Apple II, could be Lynx, as I will explain in the next post. If you need help, an extensive manual is available for TTYtter. You can also try starting it by typing ttytter -readline for enhanced input, though it is beta and may have problems.



There are email programs you can use, but they can be challenging to set up, so they have not formally been made a part of A2CLOUD for the moment. If you want to give it a go, see this comment to get started, and look for help on Linux forums if you need it.

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