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This is a post for new techniques or features that aren’t fully ready, or other stuff¬†that doesn’t seem to fit into the main guide.¬†View the comments to see, or post one of your own.

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4 thoughts on “A2CLOUD: other stuff

  1. ivanx Post author

    Alistair Ross, who suggested the TTYtter client for Twitter that is now in A2CLOUD, has introduced me to the Mutt email client. Mutt requires a hand-built .muttrc file to put in account information, but Alistair has developed a wizard that will create one for Gmail and other IMAP servers. I have more familiarity with Alpine (a clone of my first email client from the early 90’s, Pine), and may include one, or the other, or both, or neither, in a future A2CLOUD release.

    To install Mutt or Alpine, type:
    sudo apt-get install mutt (or alpine)
    also, get Alistair’s Mutt configuration wizard

  2. ivanx Post author

    Alistair Ross also suggested the Links web browser. It has a cleaner layout than Lynx does, devoting more screen space to web content (especially valuable on the Apple II’s 80×24 display). You get nothing but a blank screen on startup, but press ESC to get a menu bar, and from there it’s self-explanatory. On a IIgs with Spectrum’s ANSI online display, you need to enable its color support from the Settings menu. There’s also a derivative called “Elinks” which at first glance seems to have more accurate color support (select “16 colors” from its setup menu). Alistair also suggested w3m, which I haven’t tried. You can get any of these with:
    sudo apt-get install links (or elinks, or w3m)

  3. Ivan X Post author

    In this comp.sys.apple2 thread I discuss various techniques for copying contents of Apple II floppy images to another disk. In this case, it’s a hard disk image file used by a CFFA 3000 card, but it could be any kind of “hard disk”, including a Focus or MicroDrive card, or one provided by VSDRIVE such as the default 4 MB disk in S2,D1.

  4. Ivan X

    A2CLOUD can be installed on Debian or Ubuntu Linux (and possibly derivatives). It has been tried on the 32-bit versions of Debian 7 and Ubuntu Server 13.10. To install, type:
    wget ivanx.com/a2cloud/setup; source setup

    You can also install it into the A2SERVER virtual machine with the same command, or start fresh with the premade A2SERVER+A2CLOUD virtual machine. To use a USB-to-serial adapter with the VM, click the USB icon in the bottom of the window, and select the adapter. If you have two, repeat. If you want it to be automatically recognized, you can add it under Settings->Ports->USB.

    One particular difference compared with running A2CLOUD on a Pi is that there is no assignment of USB-to-serial adapters to specific physical USB ports. Instead, the “upper” USB port is always the adapter that appears first to the system (aka /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyUSBupper), and is used for shell login. The “lower” USB port is always the adapter that appears second to the system (aka /dev/ttyUSB1 or /dev/ttyUSBlower), and is used for ADTPro and virtual drives.

    If they are both present at system startup, or connected to a hub which is then attached to the system, there’s no way of knowing which the system will see first. If things don’t work, either swap the cables on the Apple II side, or unplug both adapters and reattach one at a time, starting with the one connected to the Apple II printer port.

    Apple II Pi is not offered as an installation option on non-Pi computers, though if you’re dedicated, you can compile it yourself here.


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