Oh yeah. Here it is. Raspple II !

What is it? Glad you asked. Did you ever wish that you had a tiny, cheap, silent, magical peripheral attached to your Apple II that rocked it out? That gave it mass storage, LAN networking, internet access, emulation, network boot, remote control? For thirty-five freaking dollars? No, you say? You are LYING to me. You do wish it, and now you have it, because here it is, Raspple II for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspple II is the Raspbian operating system with a big heaped on pile of Apple II win in a package so easy to install your dog could do it. Dig:

A2CLOUD: Give your Apple II -- even your poor, lonely, expansion-deprived IIc -- some love with mass storage and internet access. Do you hear me? Take that sucker to the A2C chat channel and the comp.sys.apple2.* boards and send some tweets and download software from FTP and web sites and save it to a virtual hard drive and use it immediately like you're the king/queen of 1989. And emulate another Apple II, just because you can.

A2SERVER: serve files to your IIgs or IIe (or both), and even boot them into GS/OS or ProDOS 8, over your network. SUPER AWESOME. You don't believe me? Try for yourself, and feel the awesome.

Apple II Pi: You don't even want to know what Dave Schmenk has cooked up here, but let's just say it's like looking in a mirror that's facing a mirror and you don't even know where your Apple II starts and your Raspberry Pi ends. It's fusion, baby. I can't even. Starring Dave's souped up version of the other Dave's GSport emulator with Uthernet support, and AppleTalk courtesy Peter.

What would you expect to pay for this superstar parade of blown mind? One billion dollars? Thirty dollars? Try ZERO DOLLARS. It is FREE! Free as in beer, but it's no cheap swill, it's a fine brew. And it's easy-peasy to install. Just stop thinking about it and go buy your Raspberry Pi already and maybe an Apple II Pi card and install Raspple II on it, and you'll be all "How awesome is this? Why didn't I do this before? This is like the first time I used Dos Boss."


Then unzip it, put all the files on your SD card, stick it in your Pi, and enjoy yourself. (Moar details here.) Then click on over to the home pages for A2CLOUD, A2SERVER, or Apple II Pi to read about how to use them. You will not be able to tolerate your uncontrollable delight.

For those who want the latest and greatest without starting over
To update A2SERVER, A2CLOUD, Apple II Pi, and the Raspbian OS, type: a2cloud-update os

If you have any questions about any of this, why haven't you asked me already?

Current version:
1.1.1: Mar 19, 2015, A2CLOUD 1.8.0; A2SERVER 1.2.2; Apple II Pi 0.2.0-1; supports Raspberry Pi A/A+/B/B+/2B
SHA-1: 6d3e63e90f7eef79dd6bf9eddc238b22267c3dca

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