Sometimes you need to access the A2SERVER command line to set up network boot or do other stuff. A list of commands is below.

If you are running A2SERVER on a Raspberry Pi without a screen and keyboard attached, see how to log in to a Raspberry Pi.

Otherwise, log in on your local console or virtual machine window, or via SSH on another computer. On Mac OS X, or Windows with Bonjour Print Services installed, you can use "raspberrypi.local" for your SSH address, or "a2server.local" if not on a Pi. If that doesn't work, try updating A2SERVER by typing a2server-setup.

If it still doesn't work, or you don't want to install Bonjour Print services for Windows, you will need to use A2SERVER's IP address instead, which you can see by typing showip. You can create a DHCP reservation in your router to give A2SERVER the same IP address every time. To do this, you'll need the MAC (Ethernet) address of the machine (or virtual machine) running A2SERVER, which you can see by typing showmac.

The default username is either "pi" for Raspberry Pi, and otherwise "user1". The password is "apple2". (The password is "raspberry" for an standard installation of Raspbian; you can use the installer script to install A2SERVER.)

Shared volumes can be found at /media/A2SHARED. Netatalk configuration files are in /usr/local/etc/netatalk.

Once logged in, you can enter the following commands.

(If any of these yield "command not found", refresh the command list by typing a2server-setup, answering "no" to all prompts if you like.)


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