When you type A2SERVER-setup, a series of scripts are downloaded from appleii.ivanx.com and executed, some with root privileges. They are run from the /tmp folder, and deleted upon completion.

Here is what they do, in the order shown (click the links to view the scripts themselves):

Master setup script
  • checks for supported OS and warns if it isn't
  • offers to change user password (Raspberry Pi only)
  • runs all of the scripts below
  • offers to download a replacement kernel with AppleTalk support (Raspberry Pi only)

    Storage setup (runs during initial setup, skipped on subsequent runs)
  • Make the /media/A2SHARED directory

    A2SERVER tools install (always runs)
  • download, compile, and install nulib2 (ShrinkIt archive utility), into /usr/local/bin
  • install libraries required for compiling The Unarchiver
  • download, compile, and install unar/lsar (The Unarchiver), into /usr/local/bin
  • install A2SERVER tools into /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/etc:
        afpsync, afptype, cppo, mkatinit, volnifo, aliases (described at the bottom of this page)
  • set up aliases file to be read at each login (/etc/profile)
  • customize pre-login message on Ubuntu (/etc/issue), or post-login message on non-Ubuntu (/etc/motd)

    Netatalk install and configure (runs during initial setup and if upgrade to Netatalk is required; otherwise skipped)
  • stop Netatalk service if it is running
  • update package list and upgrade packages
  • download and install libraries required for compiling Netatalk
  • download Netatalk source code
  • modify source code to make dates work correctly
  • compile and install Netatalk
  • set up Netatalk configuration files for Apple II use
  • start Netatalk service

    Network boot setup (always runs)
  • ask whether user wants network boot (skips to the last step in this section if not)
  • download boot blocks disk from Apple and convert it to raw block dump file
  • copy boot blocks files and BASIC.SYSTEM
  • use mkatinit to enable Apple II network boot
  • patch boot block files to support cleartext passwords, and typing "8" during IIGS network startup to force ProDOS 8 boot
  • ask user whether to download and install GS/OS
  • ask whether user wants to download disk image and file utilities
  • ask whether user wants to install Farallon bridge patch

    Windows file sharing (always runs)
  • ask whether user wants Windows file sharing, and if so:
  • download and install samba, and start the service
  • set up samba configuration files
  • if user doesn't want Windows file sharing, stop the samba service

    Console optimizing (runs during initial setup, skipped on subsequent runs)
  • disable default Ubuntu Server login message
  • make console clear boot messages before initial login prompt
  • eliminate piix4_smbus error message before initial login prompt
  • prevent console from going blank after ten minutes of inactivity (after login)
  • resolve a slow-scrolling problem in Ubuntu Server 10.04 (only)


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