Slammer lets you include machine language routines or data, or any monitor command prompt instructions, as ordinary text within the REM statements of standard Applesoft BASIC, without needing to BLOAD anything. It's sort of like magic.

While there are other methods of embedding bytes within Applesoft, Slammer is the only method that can do so with machine language speed in a 100% normal, changeable Applesoft program.

Slammer also has a nifty feature which can dynamically store relocatable (non-address-dependent) routines safely between the program end and variable storage space.

You can use Slammer on any Apple II with Applesoft in ROM or language card.

If you want to get started using Slammer, you can use the Slaminator utility, which contains full help, and will automatically convert an existing routine to the Applesoft lines needed by Slammer. Download it in your preferred format:
140K DOS 3.3 disk image    140K ProDOS disk image    800K ProDOS disk image    ShrinkIt archive

Or, to start coding immediately, read the quick instructions.

You can get the source code and assembler for everything on the Slammer disk (not Apple II friendly)
You can read about how Slammer works and was developed in the December 2010 issue of Juiced.GS
You can watch me introduce Slammer at KansasFest 2010

New in 1.1.1: fixed bug where starting line with a colon would always reset LOMEM, even when using normal fixed addressing; minor improvements to Slaminator; introduction of Slammer Customization Utility. Older version history is in source files.

Many thanks to Martin Haye, for his copious assistance, testing, and insight, and to S. H. Lam for inventing and Neil Parker for refining the technique Slammer is based upon and named after.

Any questions or comments about Slammer are welcome at

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