Welcome to my Apple II web page, featuring the color red.

Here's what you'll find here. If this stuff interests you, then you really need to go to KansasFest, subscribe to Juiced.GS, discuss on comp.sys.apple2, join Apple II Enthusiasts (or GPlus equivalent), and chat in #a2c.chat.


Slammer lets you include machine language routines or data, or any monitor command prompt instructions, as ordinary text within the REM statements of standard Applesoft BASIC, without needing to BLOAD anything. It's sort of like magic.

Magic Goto

Magic Goto lets any ordinary Applesoft program GOTO or GOSUB to a text label, instead of a line number, like this: GOSUB "DoSomething"

Raspple II

Raspple II is an easy-to-install distribution of the Raspbian operating system for Raspberry Pi with A2SERVER, A2CLOUD, and other goodness mixed in and ready to go.


A2SERVER lets you easily use any computer (including Raspberry Pi) as a file server and network boot host for Apple II computers.


A2CLOUD lets any Apple II -- even a IIc -- access the internet, use ProDOS disk images like hard drives, transfer floppy disks, and more, via a Raspberry Pi.


NuInput is a multi-featured, lightweight, easy-to-use replacement for Applesoft BASIC's sucky INPUT and GET commands.

other stuff

I'm gradually releasing some other Apple II tools I wrote, starting with UnForkIt, which unforks extended files, making them usable in ProDOS 8.

I've also got a Raspberry Pi page up with some useful tools and compiled Apple II emulators.

I also have a Twitter feed where I post updates and things: @ii_tweets

last updated June 27, 2015