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Slammer lets you include machine language routines or data, or any monitor command prompt instructions,
as ordinary text within the REM statements of standard Applesoft BASIC, without needing to BLOAD anything. It's sort of like magic.


NuInput is a multi-featured, lightweight, easy-to-use replacement for Applesoft BASIC's sucky INPUT and GET commands.
(The NuInput source also includes Pager and TextFileLoader, which are handy utilities for paging a text file, or loading one on a DOS 3.3 disk.)

Magic Goto

Magic Goto lets any ordinary Applesoft program GOTO or GOSUB to a text label, instead of a line number, like this: GOSUB "DoSomething"


A2SERVER lets you easily use any computer (including Raspberry Pi) as a file server and network boot host for Apple II computers.


A2CLOUD lets any Apple II -- even a IIc -- access the internet, use ProDOS disk images like hard drives, transfer floppy disks, and more, via a Raspberry Pi.


UnForkIt is a ProDOS 8 utility for splitting extended files into their component resource and data forks.

Raspberry Pi Stuff

Some useful Mac-based tools and compiled Apple II emulators for the Raspberry Pi.

KansasFest presentations:

Writing Relocatable Assembly Language routines    presentation video    slides

The 6502 Overflow Flag: What is it, anyway?    lightning talk video    slides

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