A2CLOUD: prepare your Pi

Starting Fresh

If you have never used your Pi, you will need to prepare your SD card. Download Raspple II (a distribution of the Raspbian operating system with Apple II goodies preinstalled), and expand the .zip file. Copy all of its files to a 4 GB or larger SD card (8 GB or larger recommended). Then put the SD card in your Pi, and attach power. The operating system will automatically install, which will take about 20 minutes. If you don’t have a screen attached to your Pi, you’ll know when it’s done when the ACT/OK lamp on the Raspberry Pi board stops flickering.

(If you are starting over with the same SD card, or want to ensure the card is formatted correctly, you can use the official SD Formatter utility — carefully! — before copying the files.)


If you’re already up and running, or want to customize the installation

You can also install A2CLOUD from the Raspbian command line. Type:

wget appleii.ivanx.com/a2cloud/setup; source setup

If you want all the features, answer “Y” to the questions. Then be patient, as it takes a little while to install.

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